Bread toast with grated tomato and extra virgin olive oli     2.95€

Salmorejo with iberican ham and boiled egg     6.95€

Homemade totopos with guacamole     8.95€

Russian salad with tuna, fried egg and chips     9.95€

Sara's mix salad, the traditional, with lettuce, tomato, onion, egg, white asparagus and tuna     8.95€

Goat's cheese salas with mango, pistachio, avocado, tomatoes and sweet mustard dressing     9.95€

Tomatoes salad with grilled avocado, red onion, feta cheese, black olives and basill     10.95€

Caesar salad with chicken, bacon and parmesan     10.95€

Avocado tartar with tomato and goat's cheese     10.95€



"Bravas" with ali oli sauce     5.95€

Iberico ham, cheese, mushrooms or cod croquettes (6 units)     7.95€

Crispy fried chicken fingers with mojo rojo and truffle mayonnaise     8.95€

Vegetable barbeque with romesco sauce and parmesan cheese     9.95€

Crispy fried baby squid with ali oli     9.95€

Fried eggs with chips and ibérico ham     10.95€


Bolognese lasagne with beef and melted cheese     10.95€

Penne rigate with veal     10.95€

Carbonara truffed tagliatelle, with low temperature egg and parmesan cheese     12.95€

Truffled mushroom risotto with parmesan     11.95€

Black rice with crispy baby squids and ali oli     13.55€

Creamy rice with squid and king prawns     13.55€



Prosciutto e funghi: tomatoes sauce, mozarella, mushroom and ham     13.95€

Brasserie: tomato sacue, mozarella di bufala, basil, ham, rocket, semi dried tomato and parmesan cheese     14.95€

Tartufo carbonara: truffle sauce, bacon, egg, mushrooms and parmesan cheese     15.95€

Spicy calabresa: tomato sauce, mozarella, red baked pepper, kalamata olives and spicy salami     15.45€

Cheeselovers: tomato base, mozarella, provolone, goat's cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan and caramelized onion     15.95€

Jabugo: tomato, mozarella, iberico ham and egg     15.95€


Wild tuna tataki with teriyaki sauce and chick peas hummus     13.95€

Grilled hake with potatoes and seasonal vegetables (only in Bilbao)     14.95€

Cod au gratin with garlic mousseline and ratatouille     14.95€

Grilled salmon with mediterranean dressing     15.95€



Breaded ham and cheese rolls with french fries     10.95€

Grilled marinated chicken with ali oli and rosemary roasted potatoes     11.95€

Pork tenderloin with potatoes and blue cheese sauce     12.95€

*Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce     12.95€

*Classicbacon cheese burger: 100% vaca gallega, lettuce, tomato, bacon, crunchy onion, melted cheese and american sauce     11.95€

*Burger iberican: 100% vaca gallega, melted cheese, fried egg and iberican ham     12.95€

Veal cheeks with red wine dressing     13.95€

Pork ribs with bbq sauce and roasted potatoes     16.95€

Grilled entrecotte with funghy sauce and roasted poratoes     16.95€

"Parrillada" BBQ for 2 veal's outside skirt, chorizo, black pudding, marinated chicken, glazed baby pork ribs and french fries     35.95€


Cheesecake with chantilly ice cream     5.95€

Brownie with warm chocolate, chantilly and vanila ice cream     5.95€

Chocolate coulant with nutella ice cream     5.95€

"Flower pot chocolate" with biscuit ice cream     5.95€

Classic tiramisu     5.95€

Bread pudding with vanila ice cream     5.95€

Ice creams (two scoops)     4.95€